My work is about people. What fascinates me particularly is what takes place in and between people.

With my work I want to give space to tranquil little stories. Not big political themes, but universal feelings like insecurity, the yearning for contact; loneliness and powerlessness. I represent this with subdued, sober images. I want to show the unassuming beauty of vulnerability.

 I use different materials and techniques. I experiment with combining various mediums.  What I aim at constantly is to create one whole, one image, using different materials and techniques.

 Lines play an important role in my work. They cover some of my characters, but there are also growing lines, flowing lines, clotheslines, security lines. Lines in the background have formed houses, an entire city. They stress the isolation of the characters, their transfixed pose.

 In my spatial work the lines literally form threads making their own drawings and telling new stories.


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